Welcome Dixie!

When I reached out to the shelter to let them know I was ready to help another dog, I didn’t know that Dixie was on the euthanasia list. And when I found that out, it didn’t change my decision to help this girl.

She had a fractured pelvis and was pregnant – unlikely to be able to deliver the pups naturally. This shelter can accommodate a dog with a fractured pelvis, and can accommodate a pregnant dog, but with both conditions, they just could not provide the care that Dixie needed. She needed to be monitored 24/7 in case labor started. Because if labor started and the pups got stuck in the birth canal (because of the pelvis fracture), no only would the puppies’ lives be at risk, but Dixie’s would have been too. If this happened in the middle of the night when the shelter wasn’t staffed, it would have caused trauma to Dixie, to the puppies, and to all of the surrounding dogs. AND, it would have required that Dixie be housed in a kennel by herself. At this highly space-constrained shelter, an empty kennel was just not available. So, I understand why they made the decision to euthanize her.

But I also knew that I could provide exactly what she needed! And once the decision was made, a volunteer transported Dixie to my doorstep! And as soon as I met this girl, I realized why staff and volunteers were so dedicated to finding her placement, rather than euthanizing her.

She is awesome!

First morning photos – we wondered if she was really pregnant! And she didn’t show any signs of facture or injury.

The vet confirmed that the fractured had healed, but not in the right position to allow for a natural birth. And confirmed that there were at least 8 pups – well developed enough to be viable.

But it was Thursday, no surgeons on staff Friday, which meant that we had to hope she would make it through the weekend for a Monday morning C-section.

I sent all of her records to the emergency vet, just in case we had to make a quick trip over the weekend.

We played with toys, and we waited.

Now, our girl is at the vet, ready to welcome her not-so-little family!

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