Elsa found her home

Elsa is home!

She lives with another husky (Denali) and 2 humans who love her! Her new name is Tenaya, and as you can see, she and Denali are fast friends!

It took us some time to find her the right match. Even with a thoughtful screening process, you just don’t know if it’s going to work out until the dog is living in the home. Each time, we learned more about Elsa’s needs and what would not only be a nice placement for her, but would allow her to be her true husky self and thrive!

Her first overnight trial showed us that she liked living with another dog, but she needed that other dog to be a little more playful. The second trial home lasted a couple of days and we learned that she needed more activity than they could give – they walked her a lot and introduced her to every inch of town, but she was restless at home. Her third trial family took her jogging, walked her, let her explore their big nature-filled backyard and included her in their busy family life. But the absence of another dog pal exposed her separation anxiety.

Between each try, Elsa returned to us. Each time, she settled in even more with our routine. We work from home and have 3 dogs, so she was never alone. She and our GSD mix played and rested, played and rested – great for both of them. But we knew that she deserved to be a 2nd or 3rd dog, not the 4th dog…

Through the power of social media sharing, a family found us. We screened them, they met Elsa, we did a slow intro with Denali. The girls hit it off. So, we sent Elsa home with them and hoped, wondered. The updates were great; we even ran into them all walking downtown.

So, we let a sigh, not even realizing that we’d been holding our breath. Elsa, now Tenaya found her home.

And we move on to our next adventure.

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