About ReMAP

Purpose: Everyone has a purpose in this life. Mine is helping dogs and puppies find their forever homes. While this is a business, it is also my life’s work. (ok, maybe being a mom is really my first life’s work….)

One at a time
: I host one litter at a time. I meet with one family at a time to help them choose a puppy. I talk with one donor at a time, etc.

Slow: This is NOT speed adoption. I’m not trying to beat a record about how many dogs I can house and how many I can rehome in a year. It’s about making quality connections between people and pets.

Bridge: I am simply the bridge between a dog-in-need, and their next forever home. It’s also a bridge for a person or family and their new pet.

Family: These litters stay together until they’ve learned what they need to from each other. Then they join their next family. These moms get to raise their pups, in comfort and not in a rush, so that they get to be moms in whatever way they want to be. My human family, supporters and volunteers get to flex their nurturing skills to help these pets and in the process, tap into their own best self.

Belonging: While these dogs are in my care, they belong to me, just like my own dogs. I treat them with respect and meet their needs, but mostly, I love them. They can relax and do what they need to, in order to move on to their forever home. Every person needs a purpose. In this business, mine is very hands on. But for supporters, donors, volunteers, they get to contribute to saving lives to whatever level they can. They belong to the ReMAP family.

Solutions: I don’t have all the answers, but I know where to find them and how to tap into resources. I say YES more often than NO. Just like there is a home for every homeless pet, there is a solution to every problem. I have helped families realize that a puppy, or this puppy at this time, is not the right fit for their family. I don’t tell them that, I take the time they need in order for them to come to that decision on their own.

I hope in my life time, that this industry develops so that my business fails! I want to see the day when shelters are empty and there is no need for rescues or fosters.

Sue and just a few of the puppies she has raised & found homes for