And just like that…

Dixie came home from the vet with 8 puppies. Within 4 hours, one had passed. 12 hours later, 6 more followed. The last little one strugged or a week…then left us.

I rode that roller coaster with Dixie and could not bring myself to document what had happened. If I didn’t write it, it didn’t happen, right?

But it was Dixie who pulled us out of denial. We immediately transitioned her into our household with our dogs. Their connection, their shared walks, their mutual joy reminded us that while life is fragine, it continues.

Our resident dog, Tashi really fulfilled her calling – these two were thick as theives! Sometimes, literally! Dixie warmed the couch.

And we put the word out, that this girl needed a home of her own. It didn’t take long before a wonderful family decided to give love a try.

It’s hard to let them go. It’s harder to know that there are so many deserving dogs sitting in shelters in every single community. Go adopt a dog today!

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