Hera needs a home of her own

This 3 month old puppy is ready for a home of her own. She’s in foster care with an incredible family, who are attending to all of her needs. She plays with Mylo; she learns from Juno and she respects Billy. She does homework with Harper and Alastair, and she naps with Arann. Paige orchestrates it all, and still finds time to capture these precious moments.

Paige’s family has helped us with many litters, and through the entire process with THIS litter. As we expand our program, they’re our very first foster family! And while they have learned, so have I.

Let’s get this button-eyed girl into her forever home so that I can save another mama and so that Paige’s family can continue to help!

Incredible photos by https://www.paigegreen.com/

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