Natasha’s first week with us was a little rocky. She’d been picked up by animal control a couple of days before she gave birth to 10 puppies in a crowded shelter, and came here when the puppies were 5 days old. That’s a lot of change in a very short period of time!

But she’s handled all of it very well.

It will take time for her to show us who she really is. Right now, she’s focused on raising her puppies. While she likes to be near us, she always presents herself in a very submissive position – lying how, exposing her belly. I’m pretty sure that how she kept herself alive on the streets. She’s not too concerned about loud noises, but the garden hose is definitely not her friend.

We’ll help her gain more confidence, while we make sure to give her puppies what they need to grow into enrichment-seeking bundles of joy.

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