If Zeus was a Greek god

Mama Athena came to us with her name. She knew that name, so we kept it. Some in animal welfare think that even if we know the dog’s name from their former life, we should change it to signal the change in their circumstance. I don’t subscribe to that particular line of thinking. Dogs know that their circumstances have changed. And in my experience, something familiar, like the call of their name, can make them feel more settled.

It happened for my Lola. She was transferred to me from the County shelter, with her 3 pups. The kennel staff wanted to name her Sioux. That would have been strange, since she was coming to foster with me (my name is Sue). So, when I glimpsed her name on the paperwork (her family had given her up too), I started to call her Lola. She appreciated the familiarity.

So, when Athena came, and we were able to give her the comfort of calling her by her name, we knew that the puppies would get Greek gods and godesses names. There are a lot of great names to choose from!

We knew that this little black and white puppy with the big personality would be Zeus. He’s a leader, and a lover. He’s the last one to sleep at night and the first awake in the morning. He’s my shadow. And he’s Hera’s best friend.

Our little Zeusy, with the dreamy eyes.

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