Foster of forever?

I have a foster dog. She’s been with us since November. So, probably, according to her, she’s here to stay. Eight months of her 1.5 or 2 years of life, is ‘forever’ in her mind.

When she relaxes under my desk, or curls up on one of the numerous cushy dog beds strewn around our home, or sighs during the deep deep sleep that only comes from comfort and safety, I wonder what it means to be a ‘foster’ or a ‘forever’.

I don’t know what her life was like before us. I do know that, while with us, she raised a bunch of amazing puppies, her leg was amputated because of a nasty virus, and she has learned what life-as-our-dog means.

Josie is easy, she listens and learns, she bonds in a nice, tight way without being needy.

She gets along with my cat and my 3 dogs. She loves me. Full stop, end of story. When I have the luxury of time, Josie gets to stroll with me, just me, no other dogs or humans. This is when she blossoms. I get an impish little smirk from her as she spots another dog, then turns to me, waiting for her ‘look at that, look at me’ treat. She is smart.

My mission in life is to help as many dogs as possible, find forever homes. I provide the bridge from the before to the happily-every-after. When I have space, it quickly fills. I do not have space…

While Josie has a very comfy place here for as long as she needs it, I would love to share this amazing dog/muse/imp/sprite with a worthy family.

Josie has years to make you smile and laugh and wonder at the joy of sharing your home with a special dog.

Message me, if you would like to explore life with Josie.

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