Josie’s gonna be ok

I didn’t realize it until this year, but April hasn’t always been a good month for me. Kevin’s heart attack, death of foster puppies, a global pandemic (maybe that’s not just me…) etc.

But this year, I realize those terrible events have brought hope and joy in the form of relationships with people, said the introvert from behind her keyboard.

Yesterday as I was doing my weekly Meals on Wheels delivery, I ran into an amazing friend I met through dog adoption who happened to be on her way to my house to deliver a gift to me. The magic of that moment nearly brought us both to tears.

And the meal we shared earlier this month, with the paramedic and firefighters who saved Kevin’s life, felt not only comforting in the connection and celebration, but necessary in the good way that I remember about my childhood 4th of July celebrations with extended family.

I could name so many incredible connections I’ve made in this town, through dogs and civic engagement, but I’d leave someone out.

So, from now on, I’ll look forward to Aprils, because I know that their showers will bring the flowers.

Josie’s going to be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read that again!
She had a chest xray & blood draw with these results:
– the spot on her lung that was found in January has disappeared.
– her liver is handling the fungal meds just fine.
– her titer test went from 1:32 down to 1:16, that’s a whole level in the right direction!!!

She continues to be the happy-go-lucky, goofball who makes us laugh and smile every single day.

Bring on the May flowers!

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