The Journey begins

Mama had a great night!

What’s on the agenda today?
– weigh the pups. They all appear healthy and plump, so getting a baseline weight will help us ensure that they thrive.
– offer some solid food to these littles. Mama is nursing and also spending time away from pups. They’re about 3 weeks old, so are ready for some food. Mama is thin – ribs and backbone are visible – we need to get some weight on her!
– start thinking about names. Mama’s name is Journey. Maybe we’ll go with that theme, maybe it’s time for a change.
– rest. When a new mama comes to us, we take it slow & let her tell us what she needs. As she acclimates to our home and routine, we’ll learn more about her.

There’s a sense of calm and purpose at our house right now. We’ve done this before, but each litter is different. So, we’ll provide what we always provide: yummy food, shelter, clean bedding, age-appropriate enrichment, gentle handling and love. Then we’ll see what else they might need!

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