Emma and Bailey!

Here’s an update from one of the families who adopted 2 of the puppies!

Bailey and Emma are thriving and happy as can be. We took them into the vet the Tuesday after we brought them home because their incisions were opening up a bit. They got some shiny new staples and antibiotics and were given a clean bill of health. In fact you should feel very good about the job you did fostering all these little pups. Our vet, Dr Johnson at Washington Square Vet Clinic said these two were the healthiest pound pups she’d ever seen. She went so far as to say that they were healthier than a lot of pure breed pups she sees. You probably know how hard it can be to give dogs pills, and one of our last dogs could tell if there was a pill hidden in a treat and would find it and spit it out, but these two are funny. They will find the pill and spit it out but then pick it right up and eat it just as if it was part of the treat. Deanna has taught both of them to sit and they are getting pretty good at it. They have a house full of toys and they love them, but somehow that table leg tastes a bit better. They are both crate training really well. The second weekend we had them we took them all the way to Middletown for a quick visit at my Mom’s and they slept in their crate in the back seat the whole way up and back. Last night Bailey was sleepy but restless and off she went to lie down in their crate. They were doing pretty good with house training but back slid yesterday with all the rain. They aren’t too keen on rainy days yet. The joy they bring us outweighs any grief they cause and it’s been (almost) nothing but smiles the whole time.

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