Chief and I are back!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since all of this puppy stuff ended. The laundry room and garage that they took over, will forever be the puppy area. And I can’t do a load of wash or get into my car without thinking about every one of them. I am truly the luckiest person on earth (or at least in Petaluma) to have enjoyed their early days.

So what’s been happening with them? Chief has settled in very well with our family. He loves loves loves Charlie and Charlie has decided that he didn’t really like being an only dog. They don’t sleep together, but they play hard and rough, stealing each others toys and then go out to lie in the sun on the deck.

Chief also likes the cat, Hunter. And Hunter doesn’t seem to mind that Chief will drag him around by the scruff. But that behavior makes me crazy, so Chief has spent his share of time on the tie down…

I’ve been taking Chief to puppy play class. One evening, Emma, Bailey and Coco showed up! It was so incredible to see these 4 together again. I think they recognized each in other in the way that you do when you haven’t seen your siblings in a while – Hey, dude, what’s new? Really? Remember that time you escaped from the pen? Let’s wrestle like we used to when we were little. Not that hard! You’re hurting me, stop. What, there’s a new toy, here, you take it first – a sight to see!

Emma seemed to recognize me and wanted to crawl into my lap. I couldn’t believe it. I know they’d been used to my voice and my mannerisms and my pant legs. But it had been weeks. She’s a sweet girl and I will pay her way through college for that!

I’ve heard from friends of other puppy sightings. Someone’s been bringing their puppy to Arams. Another was spotted by the movie theater. I hope no one minds the attention these puppies will get forever from people who may seem like strangers to their current owners. You know if I see one of these little guys, I will shower them with love and kisses just like I did when they were here.

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