Rest in Peace

He had a good life, too short, but he was happy. Einstein was diagnosed with fluid on the brain. He started to exhibit behavior that indicated brain damage. Saturday afternoon, he was wrapped in a blanket, held close and had a gentle end.

In an effort to say good-bye to this little character who touched all of our hearts, here’s a list of great things about Einstein. All of my helpers are sad and learning one of the hard lessons of life. They’ve each contributed a little something:

Einey was my favorite. He was the nicest of the lot and he didn’t bite.
I loved the way he pranced when he played.
His unusual head gave him an almost human appearance (if he were a cartoon human).
He liked to cuddle.
He didn’t let his disability get in the way of his puppyhood.
He was cute.
Einstein was always ready to curl up in your arms and be held.
At night, I’d shine a light on the pile of pups, just to make sure. Einie’s head would always pop up and his bug eyes would always find mine.
He learned his name within the first week.
We made his life great – that’s all Einny ever knew. It’s impossible to guess outcomes, so it only makes sense we’ll try to help someone who won’t make it. I think that’s what makes me like to foster – knowing I tried.
Einstein was special.
Einny is in a better place now and we can all move forward.

Give your puppies an extra hug tonight, for Einstein.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Just logged on to see how the blog was going and saw Einny staring back at me. I am not ashamed to say I have a tear in my eye as I write this. What a special little spirit. May he rest in peace. Thank you Sue for all you did for these guys and gals, especially Einny!



  2. I'm sorry he died I really love dogs and when I hear something terrible happening to a dog I really get sad and sometimes I cry.


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