Adopt these 2 puppies!

I returned all of the shelter supplies today and discovered that there are 2 puppies still available for adoption! I can’t believe it. But I know that you’re all going to rush down to the Petaluma Animal Shelter tomorrow at noon when they open and have a bidding war over those little guys. They are awesome pups. Check out the photos. I was trying to get them to pose… but one stole Chief’s leash and the other grabbed the camera. They need to get into their forever homes ASAP so that they can start learning some manners.

Seriously, adopting a dog, especially in the puppy stage is a big decision. We now have a 9 week old puppy and a 3 year old dog. They’ll be with us long after my kids graduate from high school, maybe after they’re out of college. That’s a commitment. And a puppy has initial vet bills. The bills come back again as they get older and require more vet attention.

But if you’re a dog person, you know that every penny spent on new slippers (because that great dog chewed yours up) is worth it. Already, Chief has completed our family in a way I hadn’t expected. He and Charlie play and play. My sons are old enough to handle taking him outside for his business. They’re contributing to his training and they’ll be involved in his formal classes. My husband cradles him like a baby (and will continue that practice long after anyone else can hold him!). It’s all working out.

So if you want a dose of puppy love in your life, grab one of these dogs!

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