Only 2 Dogs

Wow, it’s been a restful few days. I’ve only had to deal with 2 dogs. Amazing! And just as time-consuming. Because now, I’m trying to acclimate Chief to our routine – house training, cat manners, playing with Charlie (our 3 year old dog), getting used to the crate. He’s doing very well. Any transgression is really our fault for not watching his signals closely enough.

I’ve found a puppy play class for him that we’ll start in a few weeks. Then we’ll move on to training classes. I’m reading books and consulting websites about training. But mostly, we’re just enjoying his exuberance. He brings out the playfulness in all of us.

I’m wondering how the other pups are doing. After spending all that time with them, I can’t help but worry about their first nights away from their pack. As soon as we brought Chief up to the main part of our house, he ran back down to his laundry-room den to look for his siblings. He has Charlie to help him navigate life from puppyhood into dog-dom, but what about the others? Contact me and I’ll post pictures and stories. Let’s get these guys together sometime. Will they remember each other?

I know I’ll never forget them.

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