What the heck?

Do you feel like you’ve missed something? I sure do.

The last few weeks have passed by in an absolute blur. We were busy getting puppies into their forever homes. Mama too. Lots of tears (from me…), lots of joy (from puppies and adopters), and still more to come.

But today. Where are we today? The pups are 10 weeks old. Those in homes are ready for it. Those still with us are READY FOR FOREVER HOMES! 🙂

We have one guy going home tomorrow, 4 more to place. But at this age, they need their ‘one new thing a day’. We’ve been taking them out for strolls in the puppy-mobile and introducing new toys and obstacles into their environment.

Today, we put up some temporary fencing in the front yard in order to create a safe space for them to explore.

It’s a jungle out there! The pups were leaping through the ivy like dolphins in the waves. Every single one of them (even the shyer one…) embraced the new. This is exactly why we do things the way we do. We want adventure seekers. We want resilient pups who will grow into dogs who are ready for anything!

There are 4 females, available for adoption. Let us know if you’re ready for some adventure.

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