Wow, it’s already time

It’s already time to find homes for these guys.

Already time for the sharp teeth!!!!

Already time for playtime in the backyard.

Already time to savor each moment.

Helping a mama take care of her puppies is a lot of work. When there are 9 puppies, it’s even more work. When they’re all sick – well, let’s just say, no one has slept much in the last 6 weeks.

And I wouldn’t change one minute of it. Ok, perhaps the ‘all were sick’ part. I’d definitely change that.

Again, our amazing community of supporters and donors stepped up to help with supplies and clean-up, and moral support.

None of this is possible without YOU. Some of you will adopt, some will follow along, some will get a bit of an education in animal welfare, some will cry, but I guarantee that every one of you will FEEL. We humans are genetically pre-disposed to care about helpless creatures. I got a bunch for you!

German Shepherd puppies available for adoption. Fall in love today.

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