When should puppies go home?

When puppies are around 6 weeks old, they start to transition out of that super cuddly stage and into to explore-everything-with-teeth stage. I understand why puppies often find their forever homes at this age. But that is NOT good. A 6 week old puppy has so much more to learn from mom and their litter mates. And they can learn that better from their litter, than they can from us humans.

When puppies wrestle with each other, they bite and tug on every body part imaginable. But they get immediate feedback from their sibling or their mom about how hard that bite actually is. This is the perfect ‘training’ they need to learn that biting is not the best way to communicate. If they don’t have this opportunity in their young lives, it can lead to problems later.

So, these nuggets will be staying with me for 3 or 4 more weeks! We have so many adventures ahead of us.

Sleeping puppies are pretty cute.

Little Tiny (who’s not so tiny any more!) was just not ready for bed yet…

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