Athena’s pups are 5 weeks old

Happy Birthday puppies! Five weeks old, eating solid food, learning to use the litter box, sleeping, wrestling. They are so much fun.

The puppies will be ready for their forever homes by the new year; we’re taking applications now. Mama is a 50 pound pit bull, daddy is unknown. Their fur is fluffy.

Hera – all white female, smallest of the litter, but that doesn’t stop her from being in the mix.

Artemis – This female puppy, is the biggest in the litter.

Apollo – brown and white male, sweet dot on his forehead, speckles on his legs.

Hermes – creamy white male pup with 2 brown eye patches.

Hercules – white male pup with one brown eye patch, and speckles on his back.

Zeus – black and white male

Athena – sweet sweet mama!

And the puppy pile. Sleep of sweet angels.

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  1. ..6 little puppies jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head..

    momma doggy called the Doctor and Doctor said….no more puppies jumping on the bed!!!

    sorry they are so active and it is great to see..

    Momma looks over the gate into the puppy yard and shakes her and says…no way!!

    Thank you guys for holding up the toy to the camera…I did happen to be watching

    fully to see it…scary toy. They don’t sleep too much…they suffer from pup up

    syndrome..when one pops their head up the whole team..gets up. I’m watching right now

    them pushing up the bed from underneath…Team Big Dogs…love it.


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