Welcome, Athena

When our foster space opens up, we reach out to over-crowded shelters, where the need is great. This time, we had 4 pregnant dogs to choose from. We had to choose.

Athena won. WE won.

Look at that sweet face! This is a really great dog.

Athena jumped out of the transport van, explored the entire backyard and did all of her business. It had been a long drive, and she kept her kennel clean. Her paperwork tells me that she’s an Owner Surrender. That means, she wasn’t picked up as a stray on the streets, fending for herself, rather, she lived with a family, likely in a home. She loves us! Athena follows us around, enjoys human interaction, leans in for more ear scratches.

Maybe she learned these skills with her original family, maybe she learned this at the Fresno shelter. Either way, we get to help her raise her family and help her find a great next home.

Athena is one of many. So many shelters are experiencing a population surge; they really need our help.

Follow along with us, as we give Athena everything she needs. Enjoy the puppy shenanigans to come. Share, adopt, hang out. It’s a group effort and we are so honored to be part of this experience.

Live Puppy Cam available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn-5Gbjl8MKNoCX1qN9H1A

Click the Live Link

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7 Replies to “Welcome, Athena”

  1. Athena! Welcome!! So excited to watch your journey with ReMAP!!


    1. Thanks Dana! We’re just hanging out, waiting for those pups to make their entrance to the world.


      1. ……?? puppies yet…I think we saw something last night? Hope they both are doing well and you are such a great provider for her care.


        1. Oh Jill – what a night! Athena went into labor around 4 in the afternoon. She just finished this morning around 11:30. 9 pups were born, but 3 didn’t make it. I’ll post later today with photos. Athena is exhausted, but taking great care of her 6 littles.


          1. I am have been awake with and I’m just the crazy YouTube lady who loves dogs..she seems so calm a blessing to everyone who watches this..so are you.
            I thought she had a few….6…wonderful packages of joy. You are my hero.
            Thank you and your family for caring about them…loving her from FL.

  2. …..yes I’m the one watching over her on You Tube…sorry. She really got my heart?
    She definitely pregnant and ready to get rid of belly. Wishing for her a safe and healthy delivery..her and pups. I love her face and coat….she is a beautiful soul
    she never looks upset and this brand new spot for her in pregnant state?? she is
    kind of amazing….calm.


    1. Thank you so much Jill, for loving this girl. She is something special.


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