Two Peas in a Pod

Ripley found her forever home.

These two took about 2 minutes to introduce themselves, and then they were off. Exploring together, chasing each other, wrestling. I could see it in their bodies – like when 2 old friends meet and start the conversation laughing about the joke from years ago.

I’ve been looking for a home for Rips for about a month and was surprised that this small dog wasn’t getting a million applications. But the shelter/rescue world is upside down right now. (Experts are saying that adopters got frustrated trying to rescue during the height of the pandemic, so they turned to backyard breeders. As our shelters fill up, we need to get them back in the door. But that’s another story.)

Ripley’s new family adopted Daisy 8 years ago. She was in a shelter, after her owner could no longer care for that cute puppy in a dorm room. Their older dog passed away last year, after 15 wonderful years, and they’d been looking for another dog for a couple of months.

As we talked, I realized that these were exactly the kinds of adopters Ripley needed. She has some behaviors to work on. But so does Daisy. She will dash out the front door if it’s open. So will Daisy. Ripley jumps ON the table. So does Daisy. As we shared what we knew about these respective dogs, we smiled big. This family had been looking for a dog like Ripley; I’d been looking for a family like them for her.

Off they went to start their lives together.

Kevin and I kicked around our newly empty house all day – storing crates, doing laundry, packing up toys (that girl LOVED her toys) – over dinner he said, ‘You’re always saying that there’s a home for every homeless dog. I’m starting to believe that.’

Smidge – that 5 pound firecracker, paralyzed but not stoppable with her cart.
Tristan – 10 year old bait dog with resource guarding issues.
Josie – the tripod sprite with calming superpowers.
Zola – shy and deep and fun.
Tammy – tumors couldn’t stop her smile.

Rescue is my favorite breed.

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  1. Amazing!! So happy for Ripley!


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