Separate but Together

Tonight, I found the pups like this. 5 in a sort-of-pile, together, and one in an open-door crate, by herself. They have access to the whole puppy area, free choice about were to sleep (3 or 4 different spots), and this is what they chose.

Adzuki is one of the two smallest, a little hesitant about the world, not too keen on going outside. But at 7.5 weeks old, that’s not unusual, each puppy develops on their own timeline.

With every litter I’ve fostered, there comes a time when one or 2 of the puppies is just DONE with their littermates. I’m able to give them their alone time, by folding them into our routine, to spend time with us and our dogs, and that seems to help. These guys tend to have an easier time adjusting to their new homes, when they do go home.

But usually, the ones who pull away from the group soonest are the adventurers, the confident ones. Not this time. Live and learn.

I read recently, that a litter is an organism on its own. Each member adds something to the group experience and helps the others develop.

Puppies give me a chance to remember that they are all individuals, developing on their own timeline, unaware of the calendar. Much like us humans, always discovering something to challenge ourselves with, then taking a break from the learning, to recharge for the next thing.

The pups will be with us through this holiday, and for that I am grateful. There is nothing better than a house full of dogs and people who love them.

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