Every.Single.Time – it’s happening again. In my final week with this amazing litter, I find myself trying to find a way to keep one, or all, or some, or all. It happens every time. I just want to know them, to see how they grow up, who they become.

It would be Peach – this mama is spunky and ready for anything. She would be great at agility, or maybe dock diving, or snuggling up with her person.

LL’s the one – she’s the first at everything, adventurous and full of it, and she knows it.

Bonzo – big, mellow boy, gives me the best eye contact and sits there waiting for his attention moments. He’s not lazy, or slow, he just knows how to let the world revolve around him so that he can focus on the important stuff.

Pinto – the other boy, fast and furious, running with the bigs, and ready for a snuggle with his favorite human (that would be me at the moment).

Coco – her daddy is likely not like the other’s. She has zero body fat, and zero fluffy coat. That’s why she races around the world, just like her mama. She has attitude to match – no one is telling her what to do and when to do it. Unless it’s foster mom, doling out the affection to the puppies who are not biting at ankles.

Adzuki – just starting to realize that the world outside is adventure-filled. Leaves are interesting and steps can be climbed down too.

Jelly – the littlest bean, has a scruffier coat that the others, with adorable wisps around her mouth. She’s less adventurous than the rest, but in this litter, that’s not really saying much. She loves to show off her stair climbing skills, and sometimes needs a little help coming down.

Ok, so which would it be? ALL of them!!!!
But as usual, I’m at my owned-dog limit, so this litter will head off to their forever homes after this holiday weekend. I’m savoring our last days with them, and am already anticipating the updates.

Love these Beans so much.

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