Puppy Helpers

When you’re raising puppies, you HAVE to rely on helpers.

Sure, the early weeks after birth are best spent quietly, getting to know mama & supporting her. It’s a gift to share the workload with her and let her really understand that it’s a join effort and I am here to help.

But then the puppies tip over into exploration mode. Mama and I scramble to keep their brains engaged so that appropriate communication is encouraged and the pups don’t have to resort to using their teeth to tell us what they need.

This is where my trusted volunteers come in. While I tend toward the ‘hold them tight and pad them in bubble wrap’, I am lucky to be able to call on friends who do crazy things like build a climbing structure, run and romp, become the human platform with face down so that puppies can crawl all over.

And with this infusion of energy comes quiet moments of puppy snuggles, the memory of which will last far beyond any lesson learned at school.

Thank you Paige Green and Harper and Allie.

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