View from the Kitchen Window

Coffee refills are a necessity when you have 11 puppies. The view from my kitchen window was entertaining and delightful. Try to spot the pups mixed up in the toy boxes!

At 6 weeks old, the puppies have begun to explore the backyard. With small breed pups, I have to remind myself that they’re still dogs, and developmentally in need of the same kinds of enrichment as large breed pups – just at a smaller scale.

They’ve mastered the wobble board, and will walk across grates and any surface I introduce them to. The steps from their puppy palace to the backyard have been modified to ensure that their short little legs can handle them. And they all zoom down the ramp at full speed! It’s important that they accomplish these things on their own with minimal human intervention.

A well-rounded dog begins with a confident, adventure-seeking puppy!

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