Athena’s 16 day old puppies!

Dionysus – male, mostly white, with a brown eye patch.

Hermes – male, two brown eye patches, brown spot on his back.

Hera – female, all white, with black dots on her nose. Small AND mighty.

Zeus – male, black and a little white.

Artemis – female, brown and white. Her white forehead strip is wide. Brown dot on top of her head.

Apollo – male, brown and white. His white forehead strip is narrow. Brown dot on top of his head.

Athena’s puppies are amazing! Plump, fluffy, toddling around.

Their first stage of life is over, now that their eyes are open and they’re moving, the transitional phase has begun. We start to introduce new experiences every day. Helping puppies realize their best selves is what we do!

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