Ripley walking the neighborhood

Ripley, our little mama has been busy tending to her pups (3 weeks old). And now, she’s ready for walks and some dog interaction.

We always do a slow intro for any foster dog to our own dogs. While they are separated from each other in our home, they hear and smell each other. Lots of information passes without any contact. And our dogs are used to welcoming the new kid.

Tonight, Ripley started out barking at Chief and Murphy. When they didn’t react, she gave up and followed at a distance for half a block. When all of that went well, there was some butt sniffing, but mostly just walking next to each other. Exactly what we were looking for.

Ripley logged the most steps. That girl is BUSY! And doesn’t really know much about leashes & sidewalks. What she does know is that she loves to be part of the action. We’ll continue to integrate her as much as she chooses, while she raises her puppies.

There’s a family out there who will adopt this prize of a dog. Can’t wait to see who that might be.

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  1. Yay Ripley and resident dogs 👏🏼! Hope to see you soon around the ‘hood!


    1. I’m sure we’ll run into you!


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