Zola and Lola sharing a dog bed.

Retired moms.Each came to me with their own story.

Lola’s 13-ish, mine forever.

Zola is looking for a home.

There’s a thing in the rescue world: foster fail. It means that your foster becomes your forever dog. We ‘fail’ for many reasons. One of them isn’t usually, because the dog is PERFECT!

I’ll say it again. Zola is PERFECT!

She shares everything – perfect.

She’s house trained – perfect.

She gets along with dogs of all sizes – perfect.

She respects my cat – perfect.

She’s shy and takes some time to get to know new people – PERFECT!

Good on leash, not reactive to dogs/bikes/skateboards/garbage trucks, likes car rides – perfect, perfect, perfect!

So, who’s gonna adopt her? She’d be great as an only dog. But she’d love a dog companion. She plays and jumps around like a kangaroo. She loves toys & food puzzles. She can entertain herself for hours.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

And did I mention that she’s….PERFECT!!!!

Message me if you’d like to meet one beautiful, PERFECT pit bull.

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