All you need is love… and a dog

La-dee-da. Whoop-dee-do. Another Friday night, after a long work week. I’m so tired, I forgot how to spell this simple word in a note I was sending to a friend: California. I added an extra ‘c’, I started over a million times, and I finally just got it wrong and sent the note.

That tells me that it’s time to stop working and focus on something else. Luckily for me, I have a house full of dogs who all love their walks.

I brought Chief down to Zola’s den, leashes in hand and then I remembered that she doesn’t like the leash. OMG, I really was tired. After a couple of unsuccessful rounds of treats as lure to get the leash over her head, I let Kevin wait with Chief just outside the gate and followed Zola back inside. Resigned to one more disappointment in the week.

But wait, I’m not that person. I don’t give up easily, especially on a dog.

I patted her head, slipped the leash on, held the end of it and started to walk away from her. I didn’t feel any tension until we reached the gate. That’s when I knew she was following me!

She saw Chief (her best buddy) out in the big vast world, and decided to join him.

We strolled along our street, into the cul-de-sac, stopping a lot so that Zola could smell all the smells. One big truck made her pause, but she recovered and kept moving forward.

We kept it short with a lot of successes. When I put her back inside, she looked a little disappointed that her walk was over.

Don’t worry, my sweet girl, there are plenty more in your future!

La-dee-da. Just another Friday night with dogs.

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