I believe that if you can help, then you are OBLIGATED to help. Some people give money, some people are public servants, and so so many of us volunteer our time.

We do it because we can’t NOT do it. We do it because the need is so great. Some do it to atone for past transgressions. The motivation doesn’t matter. The recipients of our time and effort are grateful and that’s all that matters.

Today, someone reminded me that she is in love with a stray dog who showed up one cold stormy night. Without hesitation, that dog was welcomed, dried off, fed and immediately loved.

These puppies are alive and thriving because the safety net worked and they found their way to my foster space. As they sleep, they have no idea the fate that could have been.

And that’s the way I like it. That’s the world I want to live in.
Kindness and grace and hope and light.

Because puppies should live and stray dogs should find homes.

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