I Love This Dog

She birthed those pups all on her own, and allowed me to witness. It is always an honor to watch puppies take their first breath. And to see the transformation from dog to mama. At first, MySparkle was shocked that the thing that came out of her made sounds. I’m not sure she’s done this before. But instinct kicked in quickly. She is an awesome mom to these 6 littles.

And they are little! About the length of a pen.

MySparklePeach knows that I am in this with her, helping, providing food, changing soaked bedding. Her eyes rarely leave my face when I’m in the room. When she scampers outside, she keeps me in view, winding circles around my legs.

I’ve only known this girl for a week, and already, we have something special. At the same time, I know that I’m the bridge to her forever home and she will transfer her special sparkle to another person.

But for now, I get to share her experience with new puppies and new life and new hope.

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