Do my foster dogs know they’re fosters?

Do my foster dogs know they’re fosters?

When I bring home a new foster dog, my resident dogs get a little concerned – there’s another canine in the house! I keep them all separate, sometimes they never meet. Peach has settled in, my own dogs no longer rush at the first of 2 baby gates separating them. They’ve accepted that she’s here and she will be staying for awhile.

It helps that their own routine doesn’t change much – mealtimes and walks are generally all the same. Today, being Saturday, allowed me to take each one for an individual walk. They LOVE that so much. And it reconnects me to them and their individualness.

Josie’s a bit off today, lagging on her walk, then hanging closer than usual to me when we returned.

Lola’s legs are a little weaker and wobblier. She hasn’t been able to use the back stairs for awhile, but the ramp down the front stairs works great. The couple of stairs on the lower deck are becoming challenging. I’m glad we have a relatively level alternate route to get her back inside. I refuse to think too far into the future, but support her now and will continue to modify as she needs me too.

Chief is lost when Kevin is not in the house. He alternates safe spots, either behind ‘Kevin’s’ chair, or hugging the front door awaiting his return, or upstairs with Dylan. This dog will not rest until his person is within easy reach.

Murphy, easy Murphy, goes along with whatever is happening.

Peach doesn’t eat kibble, nor canned food, nor cottage cheese. I know she and those growing pups need nutrients. Today, scrambled eggs, chicken and rice filled her up. That’s what we do here. We accommodate. Her belly is noticeably bigger, her energy has waned a bit.

We’re all on high alert, the mountain lion regularly visits our neighborhood. A deer carcass from last week, is just bones now, another was being picked clean by the turkey vultures today.

Cats inside please, pets supervised at all times when outdoors, no dog walks at dusk or dawn. If we don’t make room for nature, if we don’t make accommodations, WE will pay the price.

And that is our quiet Saturday night.

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