Josie – A Can-Do Dog

Josie’s about 2 years old and ready for a family to call her own.

She lost her leg to Valley Fever – a fungus that requires daily medication now, and annual vet assessments into the future.

As a tripod and Valley Fever survivor, here’s what she CAN do:
– take daily walks
– walk up and down multiple flights of stairs
– hang out with you
– accompany you to your dog training classes
– nosework
– live with dogs
– live with cats
– run wild and free (see video!)
– surprise and delight you with her mischief
– mesmerize you with her golden eyes
– complete your family
– the possibilities are endless

Here’s what she CAN’T do:

Compare the CAN and CAN’T list and then message me if you’d like to meet this adorable girl.

Amazing photo by Paige Green Photography

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