Josie is ready

Josie – my foster. She’s around 2 years old, spunky on her 3 legs and full of love.

What I know of her story starts last fall, when she came to me, pregnant, unable to use one front leg. She gave birth to some amazing puppies, and was a wonderful mom to them for the 8 weeks before they got adopted.

In January, further medical evaluation identified a fungus, Valley Fever, that appeared to have consumed her shoulder bone. Her leg was removed and her new chapter started.

With 3 really good legs (and no pups to care for!), Josie does everything a 4 legged dog can do: lounge around waiting for her walks, plays with my other dogs, gets into some mischief, walks about a mile every day. She is funny and sweet. She’s a great companion.

Josie is currently on medication to clear up the fungus. Over the last 6 months, her blood test show that the amount of fungus in her body has decreased. At this point, she’s evaluated every couple of months to measure and regroup if necessary. Last month, another medication was added to her plan, to determine if it would help reduce that fungus level. She takes her meds easily, with a little cream cheese.

Message me if you’d like to adopt Josie. She’s ready for a home of her own.

Photos by the incredible Paige Green Photography. Thank you for loving my girl.

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