Common App

There’s a discussion on our local NextDoor right now about how difficult it is to rescue a pet: every shelter and rescue has their own unique application and process.

Is anyone discussing a Common Application, like they have for some colleges?

Wouldn’t it be cool for an adopter to go to a central website (county-wide, statewide!) and complete a minimal application. Then shelter and rescue staff/volunteers could filter and sort to match the pets in their organization.

Could you imagine if adopters were flooded with potential pets!!

Instead of putting the burden on the adopter, organizations’ volunteers could identify good matches, contact adopters and get the process rolling.

Give me MORE reasons why this WOULD work!!! What do we need to start this? A website, a form, a database, volunteers.

Adding photo of the cutest dog in the world for attention 🙂
She’s available for adoption too! Super simple application process.

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