We really wanted to take the pups outside today. But this cold rainy weather forced us to use our garage instead. They had a blast! Finally, they had the space to run and jump and wrestle. Again, we had lots of visitors to help us corral them and cuddle them. It also gave us a chance to watch their behavior and think about names.

The three males in my house want to give everyone a name from the Simpsons. Since I tend to use nicknames anyway, I don’t care what the ‘official’ names of these guys are. Chocolate Charlie may be Charlie to the rest of the family, but I call him Charles Nelson Riley, Charles Barkley and Cha Cha depending on my mood and his behavior.

So here are a few of the names:

Mom is Marge (Momster to me)
The biggest male is Chief Wiggums (Anvil)
The next biggest male and the sleepiest is Homer (Fatty)
Bart is rambunctious
Professor Frink (Einstein or Einy)
One really tenacious girl got the name: Krusty
Selma has a raspy bark

They’re eating more and pooping more! Of course.

I also went out to Big Dog Rescue today to get more food. They are an amazing animals rescue organization who work with the Animal Shelter. Our pups came to the shelter through this group. They’ve donated lots and lots for their care. In the first 5 minutes of walking through the door, I met an incredible Goldendoodle, an Australian Shepherd, 4 Italian Greyhound pups and 2 Chinese Crested hairless dogs. I was ready to take them all home. But…

Check them out at:

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