Letting Go

I dropped the boys off at the shelter today for some meet and greet time. I hung around because there were 2 families interested in adopting. One family had their eye on Chief. We talked, the puppies played and pooped. We talked some more.

Ever since we brought these little guys into our house, we’ve all wondered if we’d adopt one, and then which one it would be. Everyone is touched in a different way by different critters. Chief has grabbed our hearts in a way that the others haven’t, yet. He’d fit well into our household. Two brown dogs.

But, I realized that he’s not my dog. He’s not the one for me. And since I know I’ll be the main caregiver of our next dog, that dog really has to speak to me. There are so many dogs in need out there in the world. I’ll find mine.

Anyway, this family will be great – kids, another dog – what more could Chief ask for. Well, maybe the prime spot on the couch for the Super Bowl! He’s just that kind of dog.

And then when the pups came back home tonight, I heard that another family wants to adopt 2! Wow. I knew that they’d get adopted, but I had no idea it would happen quickly or how I’d react. I’m happy, of course. The shelter has a great screening system in place, so I know the pups will be adopted by good people. But I know ‘adoption day’ will be difficult.

All I have to do is walk into the room and 44 little paws come bounding toward me. 22 eyes are glued to me. 11 tails couldn’t wag more. They’re special and will always have a place in my heart.

Letting go.

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