How big will these puppies get?

I did a little research to figure out how big these puppies will be. The mom is a German Short Haired Pointer. The dad is some kind of hound. One of the calculators reported that a puppy that will grow to be 100 pounds, will gain 2.5 pounds a week after 4 weeks. Another said that as a general rule, the weight of a puppy at 2 months is 1/4 of its adult weight.

So extrapolating: If our pups weighed 4 or 5 pounds at 4 weeks, and if they gain 2 pounds per week from this weight until they’re 8 weeks (2 months), then their adult weight will be 48 – 52 pounds!

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  1. 2 pounds per week??! Wow….just make sure Kevin doesn't adopt the same diet routines for himself! 🙂

    I'd like to meet these little guys….can I volunteer to help out next Saturday or Sunday?

    And by the way, love the blog and you're obviously doing a fantastic job with this huge puppy fostering task….very inspiring and you have so much to be proud of!



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