December 31, 2009

Birdie went to her new home today! She’s such a wonderful kitten; it was hard to give her up. But that’s what fostering is all about. You give what you can – time, attention, clean-up, food, more time and especially love – so that these helpless creatures have a chance to find their family.

Over the last 7 months, we’ve helped so many kittens. And in the process, we’ve all learned something about ourselves. My boys understand more about the circle of life (we lost 2 little guys) and they know that they’re able to give up something they’ve grown attached to. My husband has learned that he really does like to hang out with cats! Our own pets have learned to share us a little.

I’ve learned that as my kids get older and need me less for the little stuff, I still need something to take care of. Yes, we have our own menagerie (smaller by 2 in the past few months), but I also feel incredible joy in helping. I’ve volunteered in all kinds of situations over the years. But volunteering with animals is something different There’s immediate gratification. A pile of kittens in my lap is better than any therapy session I’ve ever been to!

And now kitten ‘season’ is over. I guess we’ll take a break.

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  1. A break? Ha!


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